Legend of JKO

The saying goes, Go on out, but bring some sun back with you. In a pint, that’s our story. J K O’Donnell’s began as the kindling to the lively, light and late evening conversations of owners Scott and Melissa Glaze, walking the Irish countryside in Castlebar, just off the northwest coast in County Mayo. County What? That’s Ireland, folks, the land of tradition, where we believe in fighting the good fight, putting in some hard-work, and counting on a little bit of luck. The Glazes were in Ireland for business, but what they found was culture — and a mindset so distinct, and so energizing, they just had to figure out a way to bottle it up and serve it back home.

And so work began. Light conversations turned into inspired discussions. Ideas were kicked around (like a football, of course). Concepts were introduced. Inspired by the pubs of Castlebar, Connaught, Dublin — and sure, even Boston — we put together an amazing team, drew up floorplans, tracked down hardwood, finger-picked a menu and dreamed up a beer list (and then we didn’t edit a single thing out of it.)

What we aim to do is take you on a journey. Enter our pub with a sense of adventure, and bring your friends. You can make a safe choice, but always make a brave choice too. The Irish can hold conversations like a swap meet, so tell your stories, and make sure they’re good — our walls are used to hearing the truth (even if sometimes it gets stretched a little). Listen in on the regular raconteurs. Have a look around, you’ll see business in process, memories being embellished, new memories being made, maybe an old flame being rekindled. You might see some tears, but we’re pretty sure you’re gonna see more smiles — and don’t forget the laughs. Bring some sun back, all we’re missing is you.

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to J K O’Donnell’s.
Now let it pour.